The inspiration for SimplySlips came from years of seeing my mother's vast collection of coloured nylon slips that she would coordinate with her beautiful / stylish, vivid, traditional Indian dress in an attempt to always look effortlessly elegant.

ss-hangersOver the years I have borrowed and never quite given back many of my mother's slips, and having always used and needed them, this eventually led to the creation of An online boutique and one stop shop for slips, petticoats and lingerie (full range coming in 2016) all made from recycled, natural sustainable fabrics.

SimplySlips came about because not everything we buy has a lining. I found myself using lingerie or mum's borrowed slips under everyday clothes. I am shorter than the average lady and found that what the high street had to offer is too long hence the range of lengths available.

I also wanted to feel comfortable, unfussy and confident, and was keen to avoid those awkward moments when my dress rode up on the static created with my stockings and tights.

The SimplySlips petticoats have 'no lace, no nothing'. They are purposefully designed to be simple and elegant, giving the impression that there is no slip, and thus complementing what you are wearing. The silk enhances the feeling of wearing nothing, as it is light, sheer and comfortable against the skin. Because of the natural way that silk behaves as a fabric it keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

Slips also have a nostalgic feel about them that I find works with both eastern and western dress. Now, I can't be without them, day or night, and I hope you enjoy wearing yours as much as I do.

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